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The fisherman

Kahnin is the artist name for Icelandic singer/songwriter Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson.                                                                His latest single "I am" Out everywhere September 9th 2022. It is a song about the hacking and chipping of the human brain/body in order to gain control and make us better serfs. A bit dark for sure. But we need to wake up because it is already happening. Needs to be stopped in it´s infancy before it´s too late. Can you open your eyes? 

June 17th saw the release of my 17th single simply called "Spider". It's a song about my struggles with addiction. It's not easy to expose who you are to the world. The dark side of your unstable self. Entangled in a web of self loathing and lies. For me, Spider is part of my recovery and well being. Staying sober is a great life. I intend to protect my sobriety with all of my strength. Thank you to my beautiful family for not giving up.        

Kahnin wants to send everyone in the world who is in war torn countries his support/love and hope for peace. Please! stop the killing. Make love your goal.